I am a student in my final year of studying with the Open University for a BA (Hons) in History. I’ve loved every module I’ve taken so far, but none so much as A329: The Making of Welsh History.

I’d never read about Welsh history before, despite being of Welsh origin myself. Born and raised in England, I now call Scotland my home and have become fascinated with the history of the Celtic nations.

I started this blog to track my learning, and share my findings as I read primary and secondary sources from Wales throughout the ages. It’s also an opportunity to highlight the fascinating history that Wales has, which is largely ignored on mainstream television and radio; a spot mainly saved for English history in my experience.

I hope you find out something new and interesting as you follow this blog, and please comment and critique if you want to. Welsh history deserves to be better represented than it is, and together that’s what we can do.

Thanks for reading!